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Plas-Tec Corp. Injection Molding

Started in 1969, Plas-Tec Corp. has evolved from a custom injection molder to utilizing engineered molding techniques. This adds the ability to achieve much tighter tolerances to your injection molded project when needed. This translates to better product, higher efficiencies, and lower costs for you. Add this to 99% on time delivery and it means we will be there when you need us, deliver your product on time, and assist you from concept to production. Our team is committed to the continuous improvement of our skills, systems, and processes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
Plas-Tec Corp. is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.



  • Furniture & Cabintery
  • Office Systems
  • Drawer Liners
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Plas-Tec Corp.

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